Product introduction

The DWDM SFP+ is specifically designed for carriers and large enterprises that require a scalable, flexible, cost-effective system for multiplexing, transporting and protecting high-speed data, storage, voice and video applications in point-to-point, add/drop, ring, mesh and star network topologies. Digital diagnostic functions are available via an I2C. This module is designed for single mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 100GHz or 50GHz ITU Grid, C Band DWDM wavelength.

Product features

  1. 100 or 50GHz ITU Grid, C Band
  2. Optical interface compliant to IEEE 802.3ae
  3. Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8431
  4. Hot Pluggable SFP+
  5. Supports rate up to 10.3 Gb/s
  6. Low power consumption
  7. All-metal housing for superior EMI performance

Product application

  1. 10G Ethernet
  2. Data Center
  3. 10G DWDM Network

Ordering information

Type Distance Data Rate Fiber Wave Interface Temp
TL-SFP-10GDWDM-40 40KM 10G SMF DWDM Duplex LC 0 ~ 70°C

0 ~ 70°C