The fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of PBT.
The tube is filled with a water-resistant filling compound.
A fiber reinforced plastic locates in the center of the core as a non-metallic strength member.
The tubes (and the fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular core.
The cable is completed with a PE sheath.


1. Loose tube design, Accurate excess fiber length control to get stable cable performance
2. Semi-dry cable core design, environment-friendly, easy for test and splice
3. The small outer diameter, the lightweight, low friction sheath material
4. High speed, long distance air-blowing, efficient installation
5. Bulk production, widely applied for European Telecom network
6. Optional 200μm mini optical fibre,smaller cable size,better choice in high fiber count

Installation: Duct, Non self-supporting aerial
Applications: FTTX, LAN communication
Standards: IEC60794-5; YD/T 1460.4; GB/T 7424.5
Temperature Range:Transportation:-40℃~+70℃;Installation:-10℃~+50℃;In use:-40℃~+70℃